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    October 24, 2013 at 12:29 am #153

    Hi Guys,
    Kintamani looks and – initially – feels great, I love it, so I bought it. Unfortunately, and it wasn’t so obvious with the TF demo, there’s some (probably small) bug in it which renders it unusable.
    As a preventive measure, please accept that I’m not a total noob or helpless fool. Lousy maybe, but been there and done that. Am usually juggling with templates from Yootheme, Shape5, Joomlart, Joomlashine, JoomlaXTC (bah, bad!), and the likes. My first time trying to dig more into Gantry and RT stuff… hmmm, bad luck, I guess… I can’t imagine it being as bad as many claim, so here I am to take the bullet! 🙂
    And hey, we’re neighbours… I’m an expat in Singapore, hehe.

    My setup: MAMP 2.1.3 on OS X 10.8.5 with PHP 5.4.10, latest Safari, latest Firefox.
    I’ve done the first Kintamani install with the usual updates incl Nonumber stuff I happen to own (and some I find in the Quickstart!). Then into the admin area, beginning to do stuff, and it got quickly fishy – see below. I have actually not done anything! Hardly could during the short times without spinning beach ball…
    So, a second, as-clean-as-possible install, untouched, only to run into the very same trouble. I was gonna attach screenshots, but that’s not popular here, hmm? Well, can email them.

    Here we go:
    – First of all, part of the Quickstart is after unzipping a whopping 100MB in the “css-compiled” folder from 670+ files type “master-…” and “section-…” dating back to Juli. Not cool, guys, not at all. Clean the house before you sell it. Hmmm, but maybe it’s rather symptom than cause for what’s next:
    – Pageload times of Kintamani were, and still are, very long. Unacceptably long. Again, I know what I’m talking. An eye on OS X’s Activity Monitor saw relatively crazy CPU drainage: 100+% when loading, constantly over 60% just “idling” with Kintamani on the screen, nothing else.
    – Clicking a link (worst one that reloads the home page), and the CPU load goes sky-high. The Mac’s fan kicks in and stays on… with the browser “idling” at 60+%! Usually we’re talking 2-3% max.
    – Worst: looking at Gantry = template manager in the backend. The spinning beach ball all the time, sometimes 30+ secs. Fans are running crazy. Even closing Gantry takes forever in between click and actual close.

    Firebug shows quickly an error when in DOM and you do the infamous click for another page load in the front end. You gotta see it.

    Please please please, can you fix that quickly? Seriously, I’ve been waiting long for a template like this to pop up, and now this. It’s a royal pain in the butt because I’m under time pressure, plus there’s nothing out there like Kintamani. If I can help it, bug me. I will probably try to continue styling anyway (at one tenth of the usual speed… once I get in between the beach balls and to give the CPU breaks…).

    I’ll be honest, if it’ll take longer or never go away, then let me know immediately, please… I couldn’t waste time and money on a bug like this. But never mind, I’d prefer if you got it to run quickly… I wanna use Kintamani!

    Terima kasih!!!!!


    (Email with screenshots to follow.)

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